All events new to the Dodge City Days Festival require approval from the Dodge City Days Committee. Please provide detailed information about your proposed event:

Event Name

Event Date

Event Contact Person

Contact Phone:

Contact Email:

Has this event occurred during Dodge City Days in the past?


What is the event or activity's overall objective?

How is the event relevant to the history and heritage of Dodge City?

Will the event or activity charge an admission or participation fee?

If you answered yes to the question above, please describe the "Dodge City Days lapel pin incentive" your event offers to the Dodge City Community (discount, free entry, promotion, etc).

Does your event or activity fall within the traditional 10-day festival dates (July 30-Aug. 8, 2021)?

Does your event or activity take place within Dodge City or Ford County limits?

Provide Location:

Please explain how the event or activity will enhance Dodge City Days as a whole, add value to the 61 year old community celebration, and make a positive impact on community members and visitors.